Val Ferin

The Principality was born many generations ago when the native Halflings of this land began a rebellion against the Imperial Heartland due to lack of support against the encroaching Lizardfolk threat. Lizardfolk from the Zradra Islands started appearing on the south eastern shores of Val Ferin pushing many halflings westward.  The Prince was dispatched to contain the situation, but while he was in the region, the Emperor, his father, was murdered, thus leaving the Prince the Crown Emperor via succession. In a bid to secure the crown for herself, the Duchess of the Heartlands sent assassins to eliminate the Prince. Believing the Prince dead, the Duchess ascended to the throne and began a propaganda campaign to convince everyone of the Prince’s death. However, the Prince still lived and beat back the Lizardfolk with the forces that were to be used to quell the rebellion. The Prince, knowing he could not return to the Empire, or face execution, joined forces with the rebellion leaders and was appointed king of this newly declared country.


The lands of the Principality are mostly craggy grasslands with a wall of steep mountains on the eastern border and a dense forest of massive trees dominating the southwestern peninsula. Much of the land is untamed and the grasslands that are touched by civilizations hold farms and grazing lands for livestock.

  • Population

    The population of the cities is mostly humans, elves and halfling, with small populations of dwarves and gnomes working as merchants and artisans in the cities. The Feltash Wilds are filled with Lizardfolk thirsty for blood, they prefer to capture and torture any outsiders they come across. The frequency of attacks makes traveling outside the major cities dangerous, guards are usually employed to protect those that must travel between cities by way of the land.

  • Religion

    As a former member of the Empire the religious structure is identical in the structure where All Good and Neutral aligned deities are worshiped. While evil-aligned deities are still worshiped, while not illegal, the worship of such deities is taboo and those caught practicing such worship are often castigated by society.

  • Val Ferin is ruled by a single Sovereign and their council who commands the armies of the land and makes judicial and administrative decisions for the citizens of Val Ferin. The Sovereign is a hereditary position handed down through generations of the Princes family he had with the Halfling rebellion leader.  Their descendants have been dubbed the Quartling King.

  • Military

    The armies of Val Ferin are small and are primarily concerned with the defense of settlements and trade routes. On occasion, strikes will be sent into the wilds to cull lizardfolk populations but such raids are very costly as few men return and casualties are high on both sides.