The small city-state has had a long and storied history. Triduth is the site of the first Gnomish settlement and has grown considerably in its time. The gnomes of Triduth have always been wary of being involved in the business of outsiders, and as such, have commonly remained a neutral party in various conflicts of the millennia and a bastion for the hopeless during times of strife. The industrious nature of the gnomes has manifested in a technologically advanced city full of amazing amenities such as heaters, electricity, and the recent invention of airships. 

Currently, Triduth has been overwhelmed with an influx of refugees from the Theocracy to the West. As the Grand Order pushes more non-elves from their homes, more and more flood into the lands of Triduth. The streets are cramped and filthy, and the tents of people not able to find shelter in the city grows. With such an influx of people, supplies have been strained and crime has risen. While the guard has stepped up efforts to combat crime things have taken a turn for the worst as terrorist groups begin attacking government buildings and personnel, all while criticizing the Gnomish government for not doing enough for the refugees. If things continue to escalate, many fear a new and devastating conflict will ensue.


The border with the Theocracy is lined with a dense forest with only a single road breaching them, the road that leads directly to Volkere. The lands surrounding the coastal city of Triduth are grassy plains interspaced with small brooks and fjords. The coast is lined with rocky beaches and large sea stacks which make landing ships on the coast apart from Triduth’s seaport a dangerous affair.

  • Population

    Gnomes are the majority of Triduth’s population with small groups of dwarves, humans, and elves. However, with the birth of the Grand Order, many elves have been enticed by Segia’s promise of a new elven nation and left Triduth. While dwarves from Meros have come to ply their trade as forge masters and mechanics to serve Triduth’s growth. Lastly, many humans have left the Theocracy as refugees that now line the streets of Triduth.

  • Religion

    The Gnomes generally revere Gilean and Reorx, the deities of knowledge and craftsman, respectively. Worship of all other non-evil aligned deities is also accepted; many Gnomes are generally accepting of other deities and a number of smaller shrines to other deities can be found throughout Triduth.

  • Triduth is led by the Gnomish Council which makes decisions for the good of Triduth. The council is comprised of the leaders of public sectors who vote on propositions made by the internally elected Chairman. The council members represent the following bureaus:

    1. Bureau of Justice- The court and penal system
    2. Bureau of Engineering- Responsible for upkeep of Triduth
    3. Bureau of Defense- Responsible for defense if Triduth
    4. Bureau of Wealth- Comprised of public bankers and tax collectors
    5. Bureau of R&D (Robotics and Development) - Responsible for the creation of new technology
  • Military

    Since the lands of Triduth are very small the formal military and city guards are one and the same. Recently, there has been a push from the Bureau of R&D to implement their new drones to assist the Bureau of Defense. Additionally, the new militarized airships have begun implementation in the Bureau of Defense's active service assets, making the Triduthian military a dangerous foe.