Tribes of Thres

The tribes are a loosely connected group of bird folk tribes headed by elders from each group of tribes. The tribes are largely isolationist, but conclaves exist in major cities outside the Tribe’s lands. The bird folk is very communal, however, so where there is one bird folk, more are nearby.


The land of the Tribes is grassy highlands separated by large canyons and sheer cliffs. The geography makes travel difficult, after many years of work bridges were built between the canyons to allow the trade of outsiders. With only 2 settlements, the capital Dogrir and the coastal city of Verkoz, connected by road, many outsiders have only heard tales of the wonders the rest of these lands hold.

  • Population

    The population outside of the main cities is exclusively bird folk as travel across the canyons is nearly impossible for those without the power of flight. The cities however are most bird folk of all breeds, while smaller minorities of humans, elves, and dwarves made their way to these lands to try and make money in this new and exotic market.

  • Religion

    The bird folk mainly worship Chislev, the Goddess of Nature, while outsiders are welcome to worship whichever gods they like. Aside from Chislev, no other formal places of worship exist in these lands. In the tribes, the bird folk will also make offerings to the spirits of tribe elders in hopes of good fortunes and guidance.

  • A council of Elders comprised of representatives from the tribes. The council makes decisions based on the welfare of the land of the tribes as well as mediates disputes between tribes. Otherwise, each tribe is responsible for its own governance and the council only intervenes if there is a great conflict or the tribe asks for help.

  • Military

    While most tribes manage their own defenses. Forces conscripted from the tribes to the Council’s army protect weaker tribes and ensure peace along the roads and within the cities.