Theocracy of Segia

The Theocracy of Segia is a much newer nation that is born of the ashes of a far older one. The lands of the Theocracy were once of a mighty High Elven empire that fell to political power grabbing and greed. The Council that once ruled that empire gave way to greed and allowed the rise of the Grand Order of Segia. The Grand Order is led by the mystical cleric Segia who pays fealty to the god Sargonnas. Segia created the grand order of men and women of the cloth and now leads the holy order on a campaign to cleanse the land of the impure. The Grand Order is dogmatic and suspicious of outsiders, their communal and homogenous society leaves little room for outsiders and has pushed all non-elves to the dregs of society. When the Grand Order took power during a daring military coup, dubbed the First Inquisition, it was Lord Segia who led the charge with his Paladins of the Flame, adorned in fiery red metallic armor and swords that burned with Sargonnas’s wrath. When the day was won, the entire aristocracy was slain and Segia declared an inquisition that would cleanse the lands of unbelievers and restore peace and prosperity to their lands. He preached that only following the word of Sargonnas would bring wealth, happiness, and prosperity back to their lands. Thus, Segia imposed the Red Chapter, a list of rules and commandments that all citizens must follow. In the years that followed much blood has been spilled to appease Sargonnas. Now, the Theocracy sets its eyes on distant lands, it seems the Second Inquisition has begun.


Much of the nation is lush and arable plains with rolling hills that go for miles. The Eastern border surrounding Triduth is dense forests teeming with wildlife. The South is dominated by rocky steeps and rich mines. While this once was a barren land, the Grand Order has taken to develop this region into an industrial heartland that produces much of the weapons and armor for the war machine, as well as holding the mines that produce the ore for the Paladin’s armor.

  • Population

    The population is majority High Elven with high elves now being the only ones in any position above peasant. All other races are made as low-level workers who toil for coppers a day. While others are forced workers that work the fields or dig deep in the scalding mines of the southern barrens. All workers are forbidden from showing their faces and must wear a metal helmet in the shape of an eye that represents Sargonnas’s baleful gaze.

  • Religion

    Worship of Sargonnas is mandatory and all citizens must attend 3 sessions a week as per the Red Chapter. Worship of any other god is forbidden and will be met with death. During the First Inquisition, all images of the other gods were destroyed, and the places of worship were put to the torch.

  • The Theocracy is ruled by Lord Segia as its head, while Lord Knights serve as key military leaders and Grand Clerics manage regions and industries. The military has been taking a more active role in the day-to-day life of citizens and now acts as the single centralized peacekeeping force for the nation, replacing local guards as well as maintaining national defense.

  • Military

    Known as Segia’s Holy Legion, the legionnaires impose the word of the Red Chapter. It is common to see legionaries patrolling Segia’s Bastion while preaching from the Red Chapter and Segia’s other doctrines.

    The Theocracy also employs the Cult of Eyes, these fanatics act as the secret police and enforcers. They serve many roles both domestically and abroad, while they hunt heretics within the lands of the Theocracy, they also seek to spread the Theocracy’s influence in other nations through bribery, intimidation, and assassination.

    1. All citizens of the Theocracy swear undying allegiance to Lord Segia and our great and powerful Lord Sargonnas
    2. The Holy Legion is to be obeyed without question
    3. Sargonnas is the true lord of our people and only through proper worship will your destiny of greatness be secured
    4. All citizens must bear the mark of Lord Segia on their person at all times
    5. Worship of Sargonnas must be completed every day and sessions at temples must be attended 3 times weekly at minimum
    6. The mark of Sargonnas must be placed on every external door
    7. Every home must contain a copy of the Red Chapter
    8. All citizens are required to memorize the Doctrines of Segia
    9. Outsiders are to be immediately reported to the Legionaries
    10. All forced workers must wear the Cowl of Sargonnas
    11. Citizens must submit to searches of their homes for Heretics and the possessions thereof
    12. Any suspected heresy must be reported to the Legionnaires 
    13. Remember; our Lord is always watching 

    Violation of any of the rules of the Red Chapter can result in public humiliation, branding of the flesh, torture, imprisonment, or execution depending on the severity of the violation.