The Birth of Amos

Before Amos was created the deities fought and feuded over which has the greatest creation. They tested their creations across the cosmos to determine who was the greatest of the gods. Through their many skirmishes, the stones of the heavens were shaken loose to create the lands of Amos. The blood of the deity’s creations was spilled and filled the lowlands, creating the seas of Amos. As the corpses fell to Amos, Mishakal, the goddess of healing, gathered them and healed them. They were the first beings to walk Amos. As the creatures of Amos grew others joined Mishakal, Chislev was the second, followed by Habbakuk the third, and together created the lands that could sustain the creatures of Amos and help them flourish. Soon, the efforts of these three gods, known as the Three, attracted the others who believed that Amos was the perfect place to test their creations. 

 For a time Amos was embroiled in chaos as each deity staked their claim. The lands of Amos became scarred and desecrated, and the Three despaired over the demise of the life they had worked so hard to create. They petitioned the three gods of magic, Solinari, Lunitari, and Nuitari to bring an end to the destruction. The Three agreed but they required power from each god. So, the Three set out to gather an aspect of power from each god. 

First, the Three approached the Gods of Good and aided them in defeating the Gods of Evil in the Great Schism. From each domain, the Three stole an aspect of power. Then the Three brokered deals with the Gods of Neutrality to sacrifice an aspect of their power to create a legacy on Amos. Finally, the Three confronted the Gods of Good and demanded they surrender their power. Still weakened from the battle with the Gods of Evil, they surrendered, and each gave an aspect of power. The Three then took all of the aspects to the Gods of Magic to complete their covenant. However, the Gods of Magic were not entirely forthcoming when first the two groups spoke. To stop the chaos on Amos all the Gods must be sealed away in their realms. For a time, the Three deliberated on their next course of action for they knew that without their guiding hand then Amos may again burn, as before. Eventually, the Three decided to seal themselves away but leave guardians behind. They took power from each of the aspects to create the dragons to watch over Amos in their stead. 

With the aspects of power collected and the dragons left to protect Amos, the Three completed the covenant with the Gods of Magic and banished all Gods to their own realms. With this powerful spell and rippling effects, as the spell took effect, the gods tried to escape, creating the stars as they were banished their domains in the cosmos were abandoned creating the planets, and finally, as they were all pulled banished the site of the spell formed a great ball of fire, the star of Amos.

The Planes of Existence

Outside the Material Plane, several other planes exist which form the foundation of the Material Plane. The spell that banished the gods stored a portion of each god’s power in the elemental planes while the FeyWild and Shadowfell, commonly known as the Shadow Realm, were byproducts of the spell.

The Gods

While the gods have been sealed away for eons, they still hold influence on Amos. Many religions on Amos are based on the gods sealed away. From each domain, they can bestow power on an individual and bid them to do their will. Each plane is unique to the deity and followers who die faithfully for their deity will be reincarnated in that realm to live for eternity. Those who do not may be banished to the Shadow Realm as punishment. Many of the Gods of Evil demand sacrifice and the souls of those sacrificed will go to the realms of the deity to be tortured or used as forced workers.

The Shadow Realm

While it is unknown what the Shadow Realm is or why its denizens seek to break into the Material Plane, the threat it presents is. While the last dragons sacrificed themselves to create Astrarium and protect the Material Plane from the Shadow Realm, the Astrarium has begun weakening. Creatures from the Shadow Realm begin to seep into the Material Plane and those with ambitions of conquest harness the corruptive power of Shadow Magic. It seems that the threat of Shadow grows larger by the day.