Shadar is the homeland of the Drow. While once it was a land of beauty, the shadow magics practiced there scorched the land and left it desolate. The Drow was formerly a cultural relative of the High Elves but was corrupted by the power of shadow magic and forced underground. From there they constructed elaborate tunnels. Eventually, they tunneled into much older tunnels that had long since been deserted, the original builders of those tunnels are still unknown. After the discovery of the ancient tunnels, the subterranean reach of the Drow has grown to almost all corners of the Eastern Continent. Over time the Drow were able to harness the powers of shadow magic and use it to cloak the capital of Dra Dalhei, once more allowing Drow to walk the surface in comfort. 

Shadar is now under the control of the enigmatic Lord Almec. Almec was once a Magnus in the Triumvirate but was exiled after it was discovered he was involved in a necrotic cult. After that incident, he disappeared for a time and only re-emerged as the leader of the Drow.


Much of the surface of Shadar is desolate wastes home to dangerous monsters and shadow warped abominations. The safest surface entryway is via the bridges of the divide from the lands of the Triumvirate. All other borders are treacherous because of mountains or swampy quagmires. The Under Dark is divided into 2 distinct sections, the Drow-made portions that reside under Shadar and the Old Tunnels which hold many mysteries. The Drow portions of the Underdark are gothic in architecture and hold great castles and towering spires, while the Old Tunnels are rigid, imposing, and contain only small adjacent rooms. However, those who have journeyed into the Old Tunnels report an ominous energy permeates the stones themselves.

  • Population

    The lands of Shadar are overwhelmingly Drow as the subterranean labyrinth of the Underdark is uninhabitable for other races, except for the lands of Dra Dalhei. Non-Drow, while not expressly forbidden, is a rare and unwelcome sight. The corruption of shadow magic mixed with the centuries of seclusion in the Under Dark has made them wary of outsiders.

  • Religion

    The Drow have long since abandoned the traditional deities of Amos and now worship the denizens of the Shadow Realm by ritualistically sacrificing commoners to the monsters within. Worship of any deity is extremely taboo and is likely to result in the banishment of sacrifice. The Speakers of Shadow have done well to create a complete fixation on shadow magic as part of Drow culture and anything that would bring its power and importance into doubt is considered heresy. 

  • While Lord Almec is the head of the ruling Speakers of Shadow, he is rarely seen. He possesses a near-mythical status among the Drow and none dare disparage him. The Speakers of Shadow manage the rest of the Drow nation with their members filling nearly all military and administrative roles. The most powerful of the Speakers are the Specters who fill the most important roles and the lowest levels of the organization are the wisps, who are nothing more than simple workers.

  • Military

    The Drow possesses no known army but does have political enforcers and city guards who maintain stability. This group is known as the Sentinels, the stoic armor-clad warriors known for their cold demeanor and raw power. These Sentinels are commonly led by Specters on their missions and respond only to them.