North Howl

The snow-driven tundra is a harsh land. The biting cold ensures only the hardiest of souls can survive there. North Howl was originally only populated by Goliath and brave souls of other races until enterprising miners discovered rich veins of precious metals. That spurned a rush to North Howl to make one’s fortune. Decades later, many mines burrow into the north side of the Dragoncrest Mountains and into the many foothills that cover the frozen wastes.


The landscape of North Howl is cruel and isolating. There are only 2 ways into the country; through the Dragoncrest Mountains where you risk attacks by bandits and mountain creatures alike, and via sea where you risk attacks by pirates. 

The tundra has few forests and is extremely rocky, making winds extremely strong as they come from the peaks of the Dragoncrest Mountains. Those traveling the roads need plenty of protection from the weather and the many predators that roam the icy wastes.

The seasons of North Howl are 2-fold; the Bright Season, where the sun is warming and melts the ice on rivers making them travelable, and the Dark Season, when the cold freezes over rivers and river travel is impossible. Luckily, the Dark Season only lasts 1/3 of the year, but settlements must stock up on supplies before the Dark Season sets in and they are effectively cut off from supplies.

  • Population

    Very few races have the constitution to survive the harsh climate of North Howl. The permanent population is comprised primarily of Goliath, with smaller populations of humans, orcs, and dwarves working as laborers and engineers. Many merchant ships come and go from the river harbor of Chillsere but stays are short-lived and very dangerous. The danger is borne of the number of pirates looking to plunder the ships transporting goods and gold to and from Chillsere, this danger necessitates the travel of cargo ships in large flotillas, however, the pirates are becoming bolder and bolder as their own fleet’s strength grows.

  • Religion

    There are no strict laws governing religion, so long as worship does not harm anyone. There are a few shrines and temples in Chillsere but they are all modest places of worship.

  • North Howl is ruled by Duke Stonehammer, the Dwarven noble who owns a majority of the mining and logistical operations in Chilllsere. He consolidated power only 24 years ago when he won an abandoned mine in a game of Liar’s Dice. The mine was actually mere feet away from a deposit of gold and this deposit made Stonehammer incredibly wealthy. From there he began buying all major mining operations and places such as the main harbor of Chillsere, giving him a near-monopoly on the production and transportation of precious metals. Below the duke, there are ministers who manage the day-to-day affairs of Chillsere, and mayors who manage the other settlements and enforce the decrees of the Duke.

  • Military

    The formal military of North Howl is small and mostly comprised of small ranger parties that patrol the wastes and rid them of beasts and bandits. The navy is much larger and focused on combating the growing pirate menace.