Merosian Trade Company

Meros is the former Dwarven Kingdom; it was dissolved when the peasants revolted against the aristocracy after a decades-long job crisis. The controversial Meros Free Workers Union was able to stage a peaceful coup and exile the aristocracy from Meros. Now, the Union has replaced the upper class with upper management and turned the kingdom into a mega-corporation. The Merosian Trade Company has taken advantage of the industrious nature of the Dwarves and built a company to supply the needs of everyone in Amos. The goods coming from Meros, and multiple factories abroad now supply the people of Amos with basic necessities such as food and clothing, to much more advanced goods like farming equipment and weapons of war. 

The Merosian Trade Company is always looking for talent, and those who can deliver results are paid handsomely if they can stomach the work that is.


The southern border shared with the Theocracy is guarded by the imposing Carin mountains while the west is dominated by the rolling Terius Plains. Much of Meros is mountainous and rugged in terrain, particularly the northeastern portion of Meros, which is dense with mountains and steep drops into canyons. The capital city of Meros rests on the plateau of Stone King’s Mountain and the city extends into the depths of the mountain itself.

  • Population

    The underground portion of Meros is mostly dwarves as few other races can stomach living underground for such long periods of time. The above-ground portion, known as the Sun Quarter, has many other races living there, particularly Gnomes of Triduth and Humans of the Empire.

  • Religion

    The Dwarves mostly revere Shinare, the god of wealth and trade. They value making money above most other things and worship of Shinare falls in perfectly with their philosophy.

  • Meros is controlled by The Board, a group of the heads of each division of the company, ranging from the head of the farming division to the head of war manufacturing, and even the head of acquisitions. They make decisions on how to increase the profit of the company, usually through less than ethical means.

  • Military

    The military of the company is known as the Asset Acquisition and Retention Division which focuses on obtaining new resources for the company and protecting the ones already owned by them. A sub-division of them is the Turnover Mitigation Department which is tasked with guarding Meros internally and punishing any who fail to meet their quotas.