Laceteran Clans

The land of dragons is said to be the cradle of all life on Amos. The dragons are the first beings to exist, creating the world, and the life upon it. Slowly their power began to wane as the millennia went on. The dragons fought tirelessly to protect the world and that which they created from the realm of shadow which threatened to destroy the world. Knowing that soon they would face defeat and their creations would be engulfed by shadow, the dragons sacrificed themselves and created the Astrarium. The Astrarium is a powerful magical relic that protects the world from the encroachment of the Shadow Realm. It is said that from the flesh of the last dragons, the Dragonborn emerged. The Dragonborn now live in clans largely divided by their coloration, except for the capital of Sirrith. The capital houses the Astrarium and the remains of Zaldonis; the last Gold Dragon and the King of the Dragons. 

The Dragonborn keep primarily to themselves as a nation and are concerned with honoring the creations of their parentage. The homes of each clan choose to live near the skeleton of their parent dragon and work to maintain their legacy through combat and obtaining honor. However, there are Dragonborn who abandon this tradition and are cast out of their clans. The Exiled are dangerous thugs and mercenaries as their warrior ways carry on even outside of their clans.


The geography of Laceteran is the most diverse of all Amos. The snowy peaks of the Dragon Crest Mountains lie to the north, the barrens lie to the south and the heartland is verdant with dense thickets and hills that go on for miles.

  • Population

    The capital of Sirrith has sizeable representation from all the clans, as well as large populations of all other races, except for the Birdfolk of Thres and the Wood Elves of A'ru Glade.

  • Religion

    The Dragonborn revere their parent dragon and work to preserve their creations and protect their holdings. For example, the red dragons that reside at the base of the ancient Onyx Volcano keep it safe from outsiders and control the lava to protect the domain of others. Non-Dragonborns are free to worship any deity they wish so long as they do not harm others.

  • Each clan is controlled by a Dragon Lord who makes decisions on behalf of their clan and is assigned this title based on heredity. The High Dragon Lord is always the strongest and wisest of all Dragonborn and must complete a set of trials before ascending to the throne of Sirrith. The trials involve tests of will, strength, and intelligence, and those who succeed are granted a portion of power from the Astrarium and are transformed into Platinum Dragonborn. As the High Dragon Lord, they keep the lands of the Dragonborn safe and mediate between other clans. The High Dragon Lord is also involved in the affairs of other nations and may be called upon for advice or even to intervene in situations that threaten the balance of the world. The current High Dragon Lord is Valkorian, of the Black Dragon clan.

  • Military

    The clans are responsible for their own defense with their own, more-than-capable, warriors. Should the need arise, however, the High Dragon Lord can order a “Dragonflight” and command all Dragonborn with supreme will.