Empire of Steiler

By far the oldest and most powerful of all nations of Amos, this nation’s power has waned in the past couple of centuries. Formerly, it dominated most of the continent before giving way to political strife. Such strifes and schisms were the events that created the smaller states of the Nalean and Val Ferin. While the blood of the ruling royal families of these three nations is closely tied, the relationships between them are tenuous at best and downright violent at worst. Fortunately, these nations have been experiencing a time of great peace and the most any of the rulers have done to spite one another is to flash a defiant glance or a snide remark.


The heartland of the Empire is rolling hills covered in pastures and farms. The land around the capital of Alinore is fertile and the warm weather makes farming easy and prosperous. To the west, the fields give way to lowlands filled with dense forests that hold plentiful game. The Darian Plains to the north are full of dense winter forests and empty plains. The population here is sparse and settlements are few and far in between. Lastly, the south is a humid coastal region with large mountains along the border of Val Ferin.

  • Population

    The Steileri Empire is the most diverse of every nation. While humans dominate by population, Elves of all kinds can be found in any position in society. Some of the more rare and isolationistic races such as dragon-born and bird folk can also be found within larger cities in small enclaves of their fellows.

  • Religion

    All Good and Neutral aligned deities are worshipped openly in the Empire of Steiler, Alinore has the largest temple devoted to Paladine in all of Amos. Evil-aligned deities are still worshipped, and while not illegal, the worship of such deities is taboo and those caught practicing such worship are often castigated by society.

  • The reigning Emperor is Emperor Jerimun the First. He is a long-reigning Emperor which has brought peace and prosperity to his people throughout his reign. His dealings with Nalean and Val Ferin are among his most notable achievements. However, as he grows older the question of who in his family will succeed him is unknown. 

    Provinces within the Empire are ruled by Dukes who manage the lands and pay applicable taxes to the Emperor.

  • Military

    The Empire’s military is largely ground-based and focused on peacekeeping within the Empire as well as smaller token detachments along routes connecting to other nations. The notable exception, however, is stationed at points along the border the Empire shares with the Theocracy of Segia. As the Theocracy becomes more aggressive and imperialistic the Empire decided to commit more forces to defensive positions along the border.

    The navy of the Empire is much smaller and committed to protecting trade routes and smaller ports from pirates.