Triumvirate of Amauhilco

The Triumvirate was formed centuries ago when surrounding tribes blamed arcane magic users for the famines and plagues that were set upon the land. As the people began to turn on the mages they flocked to the Arcanist’s Refuge in an ancient castle. There the mages crafted a strategy to protect themselves from the onslaught of heathens that besieged them. They slowly used their magic to push the invader's backs and once they had carved out a land of their own, they created a great cataclysm that formed massive fissures in the ground. These fissures separated the land and made an island, they named this land “Amauhilco”, on which the Triumvirate was founded. This display of power stopped any further incursions and solidified Amauhilco as a safe haven for mages. As time went on, people began to fear the mages less and less, and as that happened the gates to Amauhilco were opened. Now 2 magical bridges across the fissures allow entrance into the city and lands of the Amauhilco. One from the north and another to the west. These lands are home to the greatest magical institutions and are a land of unparalleled progress. Nearly all magic users make the pilgrimage to Amauhilco at some point in time. There they can find the greatest teachers and keepers of knowledge in all the world.


Much of the land of the Triumvirate of Amauhilco is mountainous, with central grasslands, and dotted with many emerald and azure alpine lakes. The mountainous crags are major geological features as some run miles long and hundreds of feet. The sanctuary that is Amauhilco, lies on an island in the middle of a beautiful lake. The bridges extend from the country's borders to the city walls. Lastly, the entire perimeter of the lands is encompassed by the massive canyon created to protect the mages of the Triumvirate of Amauhilco. The canyon measures 54’ feet at its shortest and 113’ at its longest, while it measures roughly 140’ in depth.

  • Population

    While the permanent population is majority human, all other races have a major presence within the main city. There are major cultural centers dedicated to each race that have the feel of their home nation. While many of those staying in the city are visiting for school, trade, or seeking magical assistance. Outside the city, there is a mix of mostly humans and dwarves that tend to farm in the outer regions of the city. 

  • Religion

    The society is generally open to most deities and all are usually accepted as appropriate for worship. Due to the diversity of the nation, there are no permanent places of worship for any one deity.

  • The Triumvirate is the 3 Grand Magnus that rule over Amauhilco; the eccentric Grand Magnus Belethor, the wise Grand Magnus Elrine, and the stoic Grand Magnus Velron. Below the Grand Magnus is the Magnus, who are at the top of their field in each of the schools of magic. Those who are distinguished through their magical knowledge and feats are the Magi and any practitioner of magic is known as an Initiate. When one of the Triumvirate is no longer able to serve, a competition between each of the Magnus is held to determine who is worthy of ascending to the station of Grand Magnus. 

    Governing affairs are managed by ministers elected by the people of Amauhilco, these ministers can be anyone who is sufficiently qualified to be in such a position. Some ministers are Magi and others are common folk that do not possess magical abilities.

  • Military

    The military organization of Amauhilco is known as the Keepers. Their job is to not only protect the Amauhilco from internal and external threats but to seek out magical anomalies and resolve them.  

    Additionally, the College of the Archon is a group of powerful Magi managed directly by the Triumvirate who advises major leaders on magical issues, and if need be, have the authority to act outside the bounds of the law to ensure magic is not abused.