The Factions

  • The Shadow Hand

    The Shadow Hand is a secret cabal that exists within the Colleges of Magi in Am. The Shadow Hand’s goal is to gain power within the magic community and overthrow the sitting Grand Magi. While the group has been a nuisance for many years, they have been becoming bolder and more dangerous. Many settlements have been raided by the group and entire towns have disappeared overnight, never to be seen again.

  • The Cult of Eyes

    While officially part of the Theocracy’s military, the Cult often operates outside the jurisdiction of the military and does anything in its power to increase the reach of the Theocracy and protect it from forces that would harm it. Their crafty implementation of illusion and enchantment magic makes their spies very difficult to detect, through both magical and mundane means. Many spies of the Cult are embedded within positions of power, as advisors, secretaries, and administrators.

  • The Felnarius Resistance

    The resistance is a group of elven traditionalists fighting the Holy Legion in the lands of the Theocracy. They seek to restore the old elven ways and overthrow Segia’s regime. The resistance has many camps out in the lands of the Theocracy. From these camps, they conduct various operations including ambushing Legion patrols, attacking Legion infrastructure, and raids on forced worker camps.

  • Companions of the Defiant

    The largest mercenary company in all of Amos. Companions of the Defiant have an office in nearly every major settlement and provide a wide variety of services. The resources of the Companions spread so far that entire battalions can be hired on the spot. Additionally, they have a large fleet capable of running multiple fleet defense contracts at once.

  • The Dread Fleet

    The Dread Fleet is the biggest pirate group in Amos. They focus much of their attention on raiding supply vessels traveling the barren coasts near North Howl and Val Ferin. Though many navies have fought the pirates they are a persistent threat. Recently, the pirates are pushing further and further towards more populated shores. They are much more dangerous and have been seen with new ships that don’t seem to be plundered by any navy on Amos. As their numbers grow many nations are concerned with the threat they pose, and what mysterious entity is providing them with new ships.

  • The Dusk Folk

    The Dusk Folk are the natives of Briarwater, the swampy quagmire that dominates the northern reaches of the A’ru Glade. The Dusk Folk were rumored to be Elves and Humans from the surrounding nations who were corrupted by a necromancer living within the swamp. The necromancer used these poor souls in experiments. These experiments warped its victims and transformed them into ghouls that stalk the swamps hunting trespassers. These ghouls have little intelligence and will attack a single target ruthlessly until either it or its target is dead.  While not organized like most other factions, the Dusk Folk are determined on keeping outsiders from their lands.

  • The Protectorate

    The Protectorate is a group of paladins and clerics following the deity Paladine. They have their sanctum on the Isle of Dawn where they train initiates and organize their operations. The Protectorate is meant as a peacekeeping force and an organization that hunts necromancers and beasts from the Shadow Realm. They are held in high regard by nearly all nations and are afforded great respect by the commoners and nobility alike. They are known as staunch protectors of good and agents of the righteous.

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