This nation was formerly of the Empire of Steiler but after a Grand Duke of this region was passed as the new Emperor, he consolidated many of the hardy northerners into a powerful army and conquered large swaths of land. Knowing the Empire would falter if too many resources were committed to quashing the rebellion the Emperor of the time captured the son of the Grand Duke and used him as a bargaining chip to end the rebellion. Though much time has passed since then, the people of the Grand Duchy still resent those of the Empire and only trade with them out of necessity.


The central region of the Grand Duchy is a mountainous plateau of green knolls, surrounded on all sides by snowy mountains, save for the coasts which are temperate lowlands resting on sandy beaches. The name “Nalean” is taken from the name of the fertile plateau that makes up most of the nation’s landmass.  The northern reaches slowly give way to the highlands of the Thresian Tribes.

  • Population

    The Grand Duchy is mostly human with a few Elves from the southern parts of the continent as well as clans of Bird folk who traveled from the north.

  • Religion

    The religious structure of the Duchy is very similar to that of the Empire, however, reflecting their warrior heritage, they primarily worship Kiri-Jolith.

  • The entire nation is ruled by the Grand Duchess Nyrane of the Giraudus warrior family. Her family has ruled Nalean since its creation. The Grand Duchess also acts as the commander of the Duchy’s military. As the head of the nation, the Duchess also has a group of advisors that help her with major decisions, while scions chosen by her and her advisors oversee day-to-day operations of the regions of the nation.

  • Military

    The military of the Duchy is larger than most nations of its size and every citizen must serve at least 5 years in its military. Most of the military is focused on protecting the borders from incursions from the bandits that dominate the north of the Empire.