Ma’Jazrash and Ma’Zhantar

The pair of islands belong to no nation and are largely untamed tropical islands. Ma’Zhantar is the homeland of the cat-like Tabaxi. Not much is known about either island, but the largely uncharted islands promise adventure and danger at every turn.


Ma’Zhantar is a tropical island of white sand beaches and tropical forests. The topography is much smoother and easier to traverse than that of Ma’Jazarash, whose jungles are dense and filled with steep cliffs and dangerous beasts. Many brave the jungles searching for treasures of the lost civilization of the Yuan-ti. This proves to be a dangerous affair, however, as the jungle holds many dangers, both magical and mundane.

  • Population

    Both islands hold a population of almost only Tabaxi. On Ma’Zhantar there are small coves that hold pirate fortresses. The only settlement on Ma’Jazarash, Naresh, has populations of other races but they are very few as the dangers of the jungle scare off most would-be adventurers.

  • Religion

    The Tabaxi worship the spirits of the jungle by leaving offerings of food and trinkets. Worship of other deities is not forbidden but the local Tabaxi may scoff and refer to the deities as “false gods”.

  • There is no formal Tabaxi leader and each settlement is ruled by a chieftain. The interactions between settlements are largely peaceful as Tabaxi are reclusive by nature. Settlements like Na’Janar and Naresh are attempts by more progressive Tabaxi leaders to end their isolation. 

    Na’Janar and Naresh are exceptions, as they are large settlements and outsiders have permanent residences there. These settlements are controlled by merchant houses that built the settlement's infrastructure and brokered deals with the local Tabaxi to ensure their presence there. These larger settlements that see many outsiders have formal city guards who patrol the streets but these guards are usually mercenaries employed by the ruling merchant house of the settlement. The Tabaxi chieftains of such towns traded away their power for wealth and are kept as advisors.

  • Military

    There is no military for the Tabaxi clans and the defense of the clan is left to its members who are often adept hunters.