Gor’Maloth is the land of the orcs, the powerful brutish monstrosities that have ravaged the surrounding lands for centuries. The population of orcs has long since dwindled and the dangerous wildlife of the Valley has taken root and much of the land is now untamed. The Orcs are mostly concentrated in 3 settlements; the capital Urgore, the highland settlement of Zuntor, and the lowlands settlement of Gat’Nal. At one time the Orcish armies threatened to conquer the continent, their warlocks wielding powerful magic reigned destruction while the warriors pillaged. This destruction was halted when a mysterious plague befell the orcs and crippled their armies. The “Walking Rot” disease was contracted by orcish troops scouting Old Man’s Shade and was quickly spread throughout the orcish ranks, the plague rapidly wastes away the body of the victim until there is little, but bones left of the victim. The plague usually claimed its victims within the first 9 days after symptoms appeared. Curiously, the plague only affects orcs and half-orcs who only show signs of stunted growth. 

Since the time of the plague, the orcs have divided into 3 distinct sub-races, the Ogrish ruling class is the least affected by the plague and is usually found in positions of power and as leaders or warlocks, the High Zuntorish who are much larger than other orcs and have skin tones much closer to elves and are most powerful warriors, and lastly, the Lesser Orcs who are stocky and less intelligent than most others, these orcs are common laborers, infantry, and magic is not seen among them.

In recent years there have been attempts by Ogrish orcs to reunify the orcish races but all have met with disaster. Many nations, like the Arathian Republic, have a vested interest in keeping the orcs in check and many suspect they are sabotaging negotiations to keep the orcs down.


The western border with the Arathian Republic is guarded by the Great Barrier. A series of mountain ranges were created by the Arcanists of the Republic to guard the lands against orcish invaders. The northwestern border with the Laceteran Clans is made of steep rocky crags that are both difficult to navigate without a guide and full of orcish and draconic raiders. The north is also guarded by mountains that separate the highlands of the Valley from the forests of A'ru Glade. The Valley core is rocky and scarred from the strip mining that once took place here. Traveling beyond the main road to Urgore is very dangerous because of the terrain and fauna. The southern coast is rocky lowlands that are often blanketed in mist and battered by storms.

  • Population

    Urgore is mostly Ogrish orcs, with a large number of lesser orcs being servants and common workers. The High Zuntorish is a much smaller part of the population and serves as mercenaries or guards throughout the city. Urgore is also the only settlement in Gor’Maloth where half-orcs are seen as other settlements that do not trust them. Some humans and elves from surrounding nations do live in Urgore but only as representatives from other nations and companies. 

    Zuntor is controlled exclusively by the High Zuntori and outsiders that are not High Zuntori are extremely rare as the leaders of the Zuntori wish to keep their culture intact. 

    Gat’Nal is primarily Lesser Orcs but ruled by the Ogrish. The Ogrish use the settlement for industry and many Lesser Orcs work back-breaking jobs like factory work or on the seas, while others are petty criminals and raiders. Zuntori often avoids Gat’Nal because of its vices, but those who do venture there are usually there to work as guards or enforcers in crime groups.

  • Religion

    Most orcs do not revere any deities but pay tribute to warrior ancestors and strive to gain the honor that they once had. In Urgore lies the Path of Honor, a display of all the most honorable orcs to have ever lived in Gor’Maloth. Many orcs commonly come here to pay tribute to the greatest of their kind.

  • The entire Orcish nation is ruled by Warchief Agroth who makes all strategic decisions regarding the nation. However, this title is more of a lip service as the Chieftain of each settlement has more real power as long as the tribes stay separated.

  • Military

    Currently, the military of the orcs is a simple militia for each settlement and no formal military exists. All orcs are trained in the warrior’s ways so the entire orcish population can become an army if Gor’Maloth is threatened.