A'ru Glade

A'ru Glade is the ancient empire of the Wood Elves. The vast majority of the forest is a dense forest teeming with wildlife, both predator and prey. Through the centuries the native Wood Elves have mastered the forest, and many are either Druids who tend to the forests or Rangers who assist the Druids in ensuring the balance of the forest. The Wood Elves live very closely with the land and are completely self-sufficient as all needs can be provided through the forest. While visitors are allowed, they are few and are watched closely as they have a tendency to disrupt the balance the Elves strive for.

In the Alder Forest lies the Lupin tribes of the Wild Fang, Swift Paw, and Grey Wind. Many other Tribes and families exist as sub-branches of these main three. The Lupin Tribes move around the forest in a calculated nomadic style. Using up most of the forest’s bounty in an area and then leaving it to repopulate. But once a year all tribes gather at the center of their territory for the “Final Lunar Rising” which signifies the end of their year and movement cycle. During this time there is a large celebration and mingling of all lupin. It is also where most find mates. The Wood Elves have an uneasy relationship with the Lupin as they dislike their ambitious nature and the way they use the forest's resources in their nomadic movements. However, as natives of the forest and warriors who hunt the lycanthropes, the Elves must protect them nonetheless. The Northeast lies Old Man’s Shade, a swampy quagmire largely considered cursed and home to evil. Many avoid the area but some travel in search of powerful magical artifacts or forbidden knowledge.


The western portion of A'ru Glade is the Elder Forest, the trees of this area are massive and reach hundreds of feet into the air. The area is otherwise very mountainous making travel very difficult. The east is known as the Alder Forest, this area is home to the Lupin and is characterized by smaller trees but dense forests with plenty of wildlife. The final distinct area is Old Man’s Shade. This dense swap dominates the Northeast of A'ru Glade and is filled with bogs and thickets. Travel is almost exclusively by boat but the thick fog and dangerous wildlife make such travel difficult.

  • Population

    The west of A’ru Glade is mostly Wood Elves and their visitors, while the east is only the Lupin tribes. Few camps of other races can be found throughout the forests, but these camps are either hunters or bandits. Packs of Werewolves driven feral by blood lust live in caves throughout the region and are ritualistically hunted by the Lupin.

  • Religion

    The Wood Elves worship gods of the Nature domains in cathedrals in cities and secluded shrines deep in the wilds. Some say communing with the gods in the forests brings visions of the future. The Lupin worship similar deities as well as the spirits of their ancestors.

  • The Wood Elves are ruled by the Arch Druid who communes with the spirits of the forest on how to serve and protect it. The Arch Druid rules from the Elder’s Sepulcher, which is the tomb of the first Arch Druid. Only the Arch Druid may enter the Sepulcher and will remain there from the time they are blessed as the Arch Druid to the time they become one with the forest. 

    When the Lupin clans come together for the Final Lunar Rising; the elders of all Clans gather to discuss any issues faced, changes of routes, and allocation of any additional resources to struggling clans. All Clans decide by consensus what actions to take before they separate for another cycle.

  • Military

    The Wood Elves maintain forces to protect the forests and cities. The force of rangers and druids is called the Autumn Watch and fills all defensive roles within A'ru Glade. Rangers are commonly used as scouts and watchmen while the druids function as emissaries of the Arch Druid and are sent to quell disturbances to the forest’s balance.   

    Each clan of Lupin raises their young to be able to protect themselves and the rest of the clan. Each clan defends themselves from threats but in the case of larger threats, messengers are sent to all other clans to assemble to protect all lupin. This gathering is called a War Howl.