Arathian Republic

Arathia is a major cosmopolitan nation of the Eastern Continent. The roots of the Republic reach back centuries when the first humans arrived on the Eastern Continent to settle. After fighting back the orcish hordes and establishing a foothold, they began interbreeding with the local elves. Over time the mixing of the human settlers and elves gave birth to a free and open government that values freedom and integrity. Shedding the imperialistic past of the original settlers, the Senate of Arathia seeks to promote peace among the nations of Amos. Arthian diplomats are seen in nearly every major settlement on Amos and their skills in diplomacy are exceptional. 

Arathia is also a cultural hub as the nation is known for its theatre, literature, and amazing cuisine. The many mansions and estates that dot the countryside are renowned for their majestic marble pillars and adornments.


The border with Gor’Maloth is guarded by the Great Barrier, a massive set of mountains raised centuries ago to protect the Arathians safe from the orcs. The rock faces are shear and jagged making traversal an extremely dangerous prospect for small groups and impossible for entire armies. The border with the Laceteran Clans is mostly plains which slowly give way to the Sazsh Barrens and sulfur flats. The heartland that stretches from the northwestern coast to the southern coast is the green belt of beautiful countryside filled with majestic estates, small villages, and farming cottages. The picturesque countryside has drawn many wealthy individuals from all nations to build estates here.

  • Population

    The majority of the population of Arathia is half-elvish while the second most are pure High Elven and a smaller amount is pure Human. The welcoming nature of the Republic means that all civil races are welcomed there and none, but the brutish orcs are excluded.

  • Religion

    Worship of all but the evil-aligned deities is welcomed. Many shires dot the streets of Liria and all the good-aligned deities have a place within the Temple of Guardians in Liria.

  • Each class, divided into 5 branches, elects a Consul to represent their interests in government. The 5 branches are; the Knight’s Branch, those in the army and whose families have been in the military for generations. The Pious Branch, the members of temples, their initiates, and paladins of their order. The Gilded Branch, members of the nobility, and wealthy merchants. The Guiding Branch, of Scholars and Mages. Lastly, the Commoner’s Branch contains everyone who does not fall into any of the other 4 branches. Each consul has equal power to vote on resolutions created by representatives from each region of the republic.

  • Military

    Under control of the Knight’s Branch during times of peace, the Araithian Republic maintains a large standing army to ensure security throughout her lands and to mount peace-keeping and relief missions into other nations.