S9 - Codeword Pineapple

Characters: Artemis, Cassius, Norma, Dusty, Estelle, Skender, Krato, Minor  

  • Estelle wakes up to a raven she recognizes as Cassius'. She reads the note, and they decide that Ursa will stay on the boat and Minor will come. 
  • The monster in the cage is a Behir. A dragon centipede. Cassius is aware of its affinity for lightning. It is not responding at all, almost as if its in a comatose state.  


  • We get the rod from one of the guards, and Minor commands the dragon to spit out Dusty. Cassius whispers into their minds to lay down their weapons, and they do.  
  • Krato flips the cart upright, and the Merchant goes flying out the other side. The Merchant is Gretris Ulfrick. He's not sure how the rod works, as the guard has been handling it. 
  • The guard tells us the rod has a certain number of charges, and each command is a charge. The Behir follows the commands as that was last told to it.  
  • We take the horses and fancy carriage, and we'll pick up next time
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