S13 - Roll For Gaslight

Characters: Artemis, Cassius, Krato, Minor, Skender, Norma, Estelle 


  • We head to shore on two little boats. Clive guides us down the coast, and points towards a small crack in the surface of the cliff sides. We all shimmy our way through, and we're met with a cavern. 
  • We hear our armour echoing and dripping of water. It's a little too quiet in here. 
  • Our business is with Captain Lux 
  • "I give no quarters!" "Well I'm taking the whole dollar!" 


  • The flight stops and Captain Lux says she doesn't want to bring Estelle to The Phantom.  
  • Lux says she communicates with the ship psyonically, and can hear the directions as her ship moves. 
  •  We write a letter to High General Constance Vero to give the women and children refuge at the Isle of Dawn with the Proctorate. Captain Lux will go with us. 
  • We need to make a stop at Captain Clive's farmstead which he needed a map?? To find?? 
  • Jaxon Bashed Bones is the cremated guy 
  • Captain Donna Fuming Lux is the captain's name
  • We pick up the rapier that Bashed was holding before. Calvin will give us a list of loot next time.  
  • We level up to 6!!! Start making death saving throws at -15. All weapon damage dice is doubled. 
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