S1 - Did You Do This?

Characters: Artemis, Cassius, Krato, Dusty

  • We find ourselves in Bradford, a well-equipped town located in the Arathian Republic.
  • Cassius is in the guild looking over the available quests. Incoming raid, a call to arms to any adventurers.
  • Krato is arguing with the receptionist, looking for a half-elf man named Falrir that came through here some time ago.
  • Outside of the guild, Dusty is talking to a farmer named Gin Rumial, who he helped with a harvest. The farmer is very thankful for his help.
  • I’m in Fibbian’s Flower shop, I meet a Grung (frog person), who owns the shop.
  • I’m buying yellow daisies when I hear a man running, panting, screaming down the street yelling “Help!” He runs past the flower shop, down the street, leaving a trail of blood as he goes. He runs from around the corner, towards the guild, and I can’t see anything chasing him.
  • The man busts through the door of the guild, yelling, “Oh no, they’re all gone! There’s ogres at the gate, all the guards are dead!”
  • The receptionist comes out and offers a reward of 8G each for saving the town.


    Post Fight

    • Dusty created an orphan (Anego). We heal up the kid’s mom and she’s resting in bed.
    • Cassius finds lingering power that he is familiar with when searching an ogre corpse. As he searched the corpse, he rolled low arcana and the magic transferred to him.
    • As Cassius walks closer to me, I sense an aura on him that Atreyu used to have on her. This is the aura that I have been searching for more clues on. We share a look that acknowledges that I know what he knows. Atreyu puffs up her feathers at him.
    • The guards have a seal on their armor and weapons that says “BF”


      The Rest of the Day

      • Back at the guild, we get 8G apiece. The receptionist, Lilah, asks us to head east to go with the anti-raid forces that are gathering at Caelfall, preparing to fight an orc raiding party coming over the mountains. 10-50G per person based on contributions.
      • Vennoa, a half-elf receptionist, looking very professional, mentions one more task. They were trying to send another shipments of weapons to the anti-raid parties. They’ll offer 5G total for us to pick up the shipment from the blacksmith (Blade N’ Stone), and bring it there.
      • When we get there, find Ossire and Lance. They are leading the raiding party. Lance is one of the top adventurers in the region, and Ossire is an admin person from the guild.
      • After resting, we’re at the Blade N’ Stone Blacksmith. A short dwarf is working the forge, and another beardless one is working at an anvil nearby. He brings out a large bundle wrapped in leather that says “Built Bradford Tough.” Their names are Bradsmith the 5th and Bradsmith the 6th, who goes by Six. Six is going to take over the business one day to carry on the legacy.
      • “Remember to tell them that Bradford’s goods have arrived!”
      • The trip to Caelfall is a day by foot, we should arrive the next evening.
      • We visit the farm that Dusty helped out at to get a mule to help carry the heavy package of weapons. We take a mule named Dew, who can carry goods but isn’t fast. We load up the goods on Dew, and head out of town east.
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