S1.5 - The Case of The Missing Petal

Characters: Artemis, Cassius, Krato, Dusty

  • We have been walking for quite awhile, the sun is going down. We’ll reach Caelfall tonight.
  • There is a tree fallen in our path. Cassius puts his raven in the air to see if he can see anything.
  • He sees that ahead of us is a broken cart. Looks like there are signs of a struggle, and further past that is a fire lit with things jumping around the fire.
  • There’s no magic on the cart. It was a flower cart with vines and arrangements. Plants and flowers are sprawled in the wreckage. Closer to the front of the cart, the ground is wet.
  • There’s a hole in the cart where a washtub was sitting.
  • There are little tracks around the cart and leading away towards the fire from a small humanoid.
  • Cassius sends his bird ahead to the fire area and sees an encampment with a group of baddies rotisserie chickening a grung over a fire. We see 12 goblins scattered around the camp, In addition to the roasting there are a bunch of skewers with dripping meat around. There are remnants of a horse in the corner.
  • We’re at a camp that isn’t bloody aside from the horse meat on sticks.
  • The grung’s back is scorched, and he isn’t looking good. He is probably a lot more hurt than he thinks he is.
  • The grung was coming from Caelfall back to Bradford. He was heading back to talk to his brother.
  • The grung gives each of us a healing potion, heals 1d8 + 4
  • Onianna flower gives healing properties, reverse colour, stem is yellow and petals are teal with a green centre. Reverse flower, reverses conditions. Known for curing properties, any disease, curse, or condition.
  • We head towards Caelfall.
  • Both grungs are named Fibbian 👀
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