S7 - Marco, Krato

Characters: Artemis, Cassius, Norma, Skender, Krato, Dusty, Estelle and Minor 

  • Through the door in the Regulus room, we see it's clear he has been down here for a long time. There's a hole in the corner he shat in, a desk with a bunch of papers, a tap on the wall with a small sink, a pile of rations that's looking questionable.
  • We investigate the desk, we find 5p and 64g. A shopping list, random drawings, deranged journal entries. Random scribble says something about how he got into shit with Umbrous, who was then after him. 
  • We split up and half of us go to the guild to get the reward for the Regulus quest. We get our reward of 24p. (3p each)
  • We went to the library to see if the head archivist is there, but she's not. The secretary said she'll send word to us when the head archivist is back, but that the head archivist won't come to us, we'll have to come to her.
  • We go to the silver square, near the inn, to meet up with the other team who went to the guild.
  • The Eager Elixir is the potion shop. We walk in, and a woman with pointed ears (Wood elf) named Ravina is manning the desk. Light wounds costs 50g, moderate 150g, serious 450g and critical 1,350g.
  • We buy potions of cure light wounds, which heals 1D8 + 5 
  • We sleep for the night, and then head to the dock where we heard the dreadfleet are getting their supplies.
  • Cassius sends his raven into the air to see what he can see - 15 pirates with cutlasses
  • A seagull says the ships go north
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