S6 - And I Have a Rope

Characters: Artemis, Cassius, Skender, Krato and Estelle

  • We wake up in The Shining Lantern
  • The kids are heading out to do their tasks that they were given. They go to the side window for food, but then they talk to the halfling man to check in with him somewhere in town to give information. They only get paid if they give information.
  • We head to the east side of the lower quarters to visit the funhouse basement.
  • The scary thing in the basement has conjuration magic
  • Estelle sees that in the fireplace, where Norma was almost skewered by a sword, there is a brick there that is now ajar 
  • In the basement, we fight Regulus. There's invisible walls everywhere that we keep bumping into, so we have to walk slowly and not sprint. There's also traps randomly in places and sometimes dead ends, plus at least two mimics disguised as furniture.
  • When we finally defeat him, Regulus drops some gloves which is how he's been teleporting through the walls. We'll loot and finish at the next session.
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