S4.5 - Special Research Company #1

Characters: Artemis, Cassius, Krato, Estelle, Skender

  • Reyna and Krum are with us in a room in the fortress
  • High General Constance Varo is the main lady with the braids
  • One of the councilmen has a better idea of how to heal us, so we're waiting for him now
  • A halfling man enters the room, dark brown hair, long blue robe, bit of a beard. His name is Oramin Wisetop, Representative from Val Ferin
  • "I've been so excited to meet you guys!" "Part of the reason you guys got out was because I made some convincing points to the council."
  • Shadow fel = shadow realm
  • He's hoping we can make advances in knowing more about our situation and how to fight it
  • He needs 3 volunteers to test on with arcane magic
  • Krum, me and Cassius volunteer to be tested on
  • When he's done, he sits and writes notes. "Good news. The shadow isn't affecting your bodies, like it normally does with most undead. It's what turns them into undead. Bad news is that it's affecting our very souls. It's etched itself into our very being instead of just your body. There's no signs it has any instant impact in you turning, but it seems to be amassing power slowly. Refining itself as time goes on inside you." They'll need to extract it from our souls, not our bodies, and will need a vessel to store it after. The soul will need to find something else to attach to, in order to be removed.
  • The artifact from the pirates could potentially be a vessel to be used
  • Cassius's situation is the same as ours, but it's already cultivated to a further level than everyone else but they're not sure why
  • In Krum's case, his body and soul have both been affected since he wasn't protected. We have to make sure he doesn't come close to any undead bc he might eventually turn.
  • If we retrieve the relic, we should bring it back here so he can examine it, and re-examine us
  • As Oramin leaves, Constance comes in.
  • She apologizes, and introduces herself. They want to take us out to the courtyard to test our skill and fighting level. We'll be sparring with some of their knights. They also want to give Skender a promotion. Constance leads us to a viewing window to watch the promotion process.
  • He'll be connected with his soul celestial horse. "I was hoping she'd be here for this part, but she's here in spirit."
  • Skender is thinking about "her" in this moment. Warm light from her.
  • The horse is a big, black horse with a black flowing mane and blue eyes.
  • Constance presents Skender with a lance, and asks him to kneel. "You are now Captain of Special Research Company #1", and hands him the lance.
  • Guards bring us to a barracks room that has all of our weapons and shit, but Atreyu is on the beach being babysat.
  • We head out into the courtyard to start our sparring
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