S2 - I’m poor, but I have an iPad

Characters: Me, Cassius, Krato, Dusty, Estelle, Minor, Norma, Skender

  • We’re in Caelfall. Introductions from characters that we haven't yet met:
  • Estelle has a fat ass and D cups.
  • Minor and Ursa. Ursa is a bear who is old. Minor is 15, he has a crossbow and random clothing put together. He steals everything.
  • Norma Mimosa; good looking and wears armour similar to the ones in a Knights Tale, light and cute.
  • Skender the Defender. Dragonborn paladin, 7ft tall. Big bulky red dragon, bulky fancy armor. Intimidating guy.


  • The town cryer runs up, him name is Krum. He’s excited to see all of the new adventurers in town.
  • Past the boy, the buildings are surrounded by a purple aura. I’ve never seen such overwhelming power.
  • There’s a power that Cassius feels that has never felt so intense.
  • There’s a mushroom cloud of black and purple smoke. Cassius puts up a barrier instinctively around us. The wave hits us and we’re surrounded by black and purple smoke. The wave subsides, and we’re all overcome by dread. Our chests feel heavy, and coughing fits start happening. Whatever just happened to us wasn’t normal.
  • Caelfall has fallen. The town is now almost completely flat, except for a few buildings. There are figures moving in the town still, some on two legs, some on four.
  • As we’re taking in the sight, Krum takes off running toward Caelfall. “My moms!”


  • What used to be a beautiful town, is now almost nothing. It’s not completely barren, as undead walk the streets now. Dark beasts walk beside them.
  • All of the people that used to be preparing for the raid are now zombie creatures. Dark eyes, purple skin. Among them, there is a large cat-like creature, as well as some dog-like creatures.


Post Fight

  • Krum gets bitch-slapped by his zombified mother during the fight. Krum is sadge and goes, "Mama Tilda?"
  • His parents kinda just stand slack after that, they don't hurt anyone but they don't leave either. Krum dips out of the house.
  • Rising from the pit, a shadowy figure comes up and hovers over the house in Caelfall. Something inside you is resonating with this being. And then it flies away.
  • There is a faint aura coming off of all of us, that I’ve seen before. It’s more prominent on Cassius.
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