S16 - Code Word: Peaches

Characters: Artemis, Cassius, Krato, Dusty, Norma, Estelle, Skender, Minor 

  • The shadowy figure tells Estelle, "I haven't seen you since I killed your family!" 
  • The Phantom is Tebnar, Alex's old character. Brayden's character is his old character from last DnD. His real name is Percy. 
  • The Phantom says he went on an eat pray love journey, and snuck into rich parties. Pirates raided one of the parties, and he realized that was a way better way to make money, so he let the pirates capture him, and he gained their trust. He found out that they had no leader, and one musical montage later, he made his way to the top.  
  • The Phantom killed Estelle's parents and tried to kill her, but didn't succeed.  
  • Skender and Estelle explain to the Phantom that we're here to look for the relic, and tell him that we're infected with shadow magic.  
  • The Phantom has the relic, but wants the other half or we can get off the boat.  
  • Skender and Estelle say the safe word, "peaches", and we know that we're in trouble. 
  • A water guardian comes out of the water, holding the octopus Orion that is holding the relic. He says we can give up the relic, earn it, or fight for it.  
  • The relic is stolen, and is to be earned by right of trials in Abystheas. 
  • You will be put through trials of the mind, body and soul. They will take place in the city below the depths, which he watches over. Accommodations can be made so that we can breathe there. 
  • If you wish to take these trials, he can take us there. If we fail, we will die.  
  • You can either come with me now, or try to find it yourselves. 
  • Lux's ship shows up with her crew, and she plans to take down the Psyonic Sea ship. Krum and Dew are coming with us, and Clive is taking our ship and leaving. Before it was called the I, I, Captainz, the ship was called The Sabine.  
  • We gather on the top of the ship, and the water guardian puts us in a dome of water with air inside. He lifts us, and takes us into the ocean.   
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